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Healthy Campus

Building a culture of well-being is a long term endeavor. Strong cultures develop and evolve over time. An individual’s ability to thrive and be successful - as a student or employee is directly correlated to the degree of individual well-being.

We are seeking success, growth, and overall well-being for Oakland University’s campus. Oakland University has the structure and framework to provide a healthy campus culture for our students, faculty and staff.

Well-being has many definitions. Those that an organization subscribes to is dependent on its structure. Oakland University supports multiple dimensions of well-being and has identified four areas of concentration that support students and employees across the dimensions. The four areas include:

  • Personal Success
  • Growth, Development and Enrichment
  • Emotional Intelligence/Mental Health
  • Environmental Initiatives 

Click through some of the top mental health programs and services along with initiatives focused on creating a culture of well-being at Oakland University!